Hobart & Doges Ferry CLASSES

Unity Aikido is a style of Japanese Martial Way which has developed from the teaching of Master Professor Kenji Tomiki, founder of the Japan Aikido Association. See About Us below.

Unity Aikido's technical direction & syllabus are under the Headmaster-ship of sensei Hanifa Leoni Macfarlane, 7th Dan Unity Aikido & 8th Dan Japan Aikido Assoc. NCAS Level 3 Coach, Australian Sports Commission qualified Sports Coach for Active After School Communities in Tasmania.


Self-defence - Sport - Fitness

 for Kids, Teens & Adults

Hobart Classes: Cnr Ashbolt and Lennox Ave

 Lutana, (7 mins from Hobart)

Tuesday - Samurai Kids 4.30-5.30 Last class for 2016 13th Dec. First class for 2017 14th Feb.

Adults and Juniors last 2016 class 20th Dec.
First 2017 class 2nd Jan.
Juniors and Adults 6pm to 7pm, Seniors private practice continue to 8pm. Hobart Sensei-in charge James Carolan

Dodges Ferry classes are on hold in 2017

Broken Hill Sensei-in-charge Joseph Dexter 0434065802

Tasmania: Class Fees $10 per hour plus Annual Membership of UAAInc. $50 adults, $25 kids second family member $10. M/ship  covers Dodges and Hobart. Casual $5. M/Ship required for all students for insurance cover.  


Samurai Kids  at Cnr Ashbolt & Lennox Ave, Lutana. Kids 3-5 (with parents) & 5-8yrs Tues. 4.30-5.30pm.  Dodges Ferry Primary School Sat 2-3pm
Fitness, fun, confidence & safety
             Parents welcome to join in the Fun & fitness in Aikido games with a mix of kids 'n adults 'n Samurai manners. Parents get basic Aikido training too!.

Juniors & Adults Club
Tues 6-7 Juniors & Beginners. Adult Seniors to 8pm  

Junior's with Adults study Sport & Self Defence.

Our Tas. Teachers are:
Sensei H. Leoni Macfarlane Headmaster, 7th Dan Unity Aikido, 8th Dan JAA.
James Carolan, Christine Benbow, both 2nd Dan UA. Dr Lito Mercado 1st Dan UA

Interstate:  Broken Hill, NSW Sensei Joseph M. Dexter 3rd Dan, Dawud Goss, Simon McIntosh, 2nd Dan & Deborah Asmather, 1st Dan.

Our style of Aikido is based on the system developed by Professor Kenji Tomiki, Master of Aikido and Judo and founder of the Japan Aikido Association. It incorporates the Seven Stages of growth and skill in Aikido. Sensei Macfarlane is a direct student of Tomiki Sensei and also studied with the succeeding headmaster of JAA, Ohba Sensei and other Masters of the way of Aiki, (meaning Harmony Energy/Spirit)